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Sierra's Goodbye Party



24/7 Youth Ministries LogoFaith building, friendships, worship, and excitement describe 24/7 activities on Sunday nights from 6–8 pm. Both middle and high school groups meet every week. 24/7 includes great worship with the youth band, fun, crazy competitions, videos, skits, food, challenging talks and small group discussions.


Upcoming Schedule


February 1: Super Bowl Party
5:00–8:30 pm (or the end of the game). Sign up to bring some food or drink. Be sure to invite friends!

Come and watch the game, join in tournaments, play games or just hang out and eat some great food. We ill be having some big group activities during half-tme instead of watching the half-time show.

February 8: Valentines Party “God’s Love”
5:30–8:00 pm

February 13–15: High School Winter Xtreme

February 15: Middle School only event
To be announced.

February 22: Believe (Share the gospel)
5:30–8:00 pm at FBC