Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Short-Term Classes

NOTE: For Short-Term Classes, it is important to come the first Sunday when the class begins. Each session will build on the previous Sunday. If you are unable to begin on the first day, contact Pastor Dick for the next class dates.

None at this time

On-Going Classes at 9:30 am each Sunday—Join Anytime


Ask Seek Knock —Pam/Rich Geiger, Teachers
Room N107

This class is composed of a variety of ages and stages of people in life. The teaching approach is lively group discussion and interaction. They do a variety of studies but focus on studies that are relevant to people’s lives today.

This class will begin studying Believe. This study is a practical and exciting study of how the Bible helps you think, act, and be more like Jesus. We look at key questions, study scripture, and learn practical ways to apply the concepts to everyday life. Come join us in Room N107.



Faith, Family, & Fellowship — Pastor Dick and Donna Smith, Teachers

This class is composed of young couples with children (some attend without their mate). They do a variety of studies while at the same time opening their lives and relationships up to one another in learning how to have a marriage that is strong in Christ.

This class will begin studying The Fulfilled Family. This is a study of the biblical pattern for building and strengthening your family plus how to avoid the pitfalls that tear families apart.



Fellowship — Craig Donoho, Teacher
Room N109

This class is geared toward the younger to middle-aged couples. They focus on fellowship inside as well as outside the church and do a variety of studies with lively discussion. Their current study is the Andy Stanley DVD study: Five Things God Uses To Grow Your Faith.



Gospel of Matthew— John Elder, Teacher
Room E105

This class is composed of all adult ages. They zero in on a verse-by-verse study of God’s Word and the application of it to their lives. The teaching approach is digging deep into God’s Word, coupled with lecture, group discussion and life application.



Kintuadi —Lolita Perdue, Teacher
Room E103

This class is composed of mostly senior adults, but everyone is welcome to join them in their studies. They do a variety of studies (e.g. Bible book studies, topical and Bible character studies, DVD studies, etc.). The teaching approach is mostly lecture with some group discussion! This class will study Preparing for the Return of Jesus, a study from the book of Revelation. 



Prayer — Verne Carty, Facilitator
Room W103 (Prayer Room)
This class is learning and practicing principles of praying. They pray for the needs of individuals and for our church’s concerns, using God’s Word to guide them. The class is a mixture ages.



Regeneration — Joy Fuller, Teacher
Room E118

This class is composed of those who, for the most part, have grown children and they share the position of being the “sandwich” generation. The teaching approach is lecture along with group discussion.  They do a variety of Bible book studies. They are currently studying 2nd Samuel.



Trinity — Darla Wilson, Teacher
Room W107

This class is a class of all ages — singles, couples and “halves” (only one spouse comes). They do a variety of studies but mostly topical in approach. The teaching approach is lecture with a lot of group discussion. Currently, they are doing a study by R.C. Sproul on the Parables.