Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Short-Term Classes

NOTE: For Short-Term Classes, it is important to come the first Sunday when the class begins. Each session will build on the previous Sunday. If you are unable to begin on the first day, contact Pastor Dick for the next class dates.

No short-term classes scheduled at this time

On-Going Classes at 9:30 am each Sunday—Join Anytime


Ask Seek Knock —Pam/Rich Geiger, Teachers
Room N107

We are studying new video series by Pastor Craig Groeschel called Weird.  He says “normal isn’t working” and God calls us to be different.  Jesus says “love your enemies, don’t hate them.  Be kind to those who harm you.  Turn the other cheek.”  We’ll be looking at what Jesus said regarding how our lives should be different when we follow Him — how to be “the God kind of weird.”

The Ask, Seek, Knock class is multi-age and welcomes new members.  Come join us in Room N107.



Fellowship — Craig Donoho, Teacher
Room N109
We are currently studying the Book of Proverbs. Every relationship in life is mentioned in this book of the Bible. The Book of Proverbs gives us practical insights and guidelines for life.

Our class is geared toward the younger to middle-aged couples. We focus on fellowship inside as well as outside the church.



Bible Characters of the Old Testament — Kevin Logsdon, Teacher
Room E105
Our class zeroes in on a verse-by-verse study of God’s Word and the application of it to our lives. The teaching approach is digging deep into God’s Word coupled with lecture, group discussion and life application.




Kintuadi —Donna Wampler, Teacher

Room E103
We are currently studying the book of James. The book of James reminds us as Christ-followers that it is not enough to talk the Christian faith, we much live it. Join us for an exciting study of this book and learn how to live the Christian life.

Our class is a mixed group from young people to adults and grandparents. Anyone is welcome to join!



Married Couples — Stu/Cindy Smith, Teachers
The Cafe
Our class is designed for couples. Our curriculum is a video curriculum: The DNA of Relationships for Couples. Together you and your spouse will learn how to read the blueprint of your relationship, identify destructive habits, and use practical tools to begin the rebuilding process. We will learn from real-life experiences of couples grappling with problems ranging from balancing work and family, priorities, to extramarital affairs.



Prayer — Verne Carty, Facilitator
Room W103 (Prayer Room)
Our class is learning principles of praying and then we put these principles into practice each Sunday as we spend the majority praying in class for individual needs and our church’s needs.

Our class is a mixture of all ages.



Regeneration — Joy Fuller, Teacher
Room E118
We are currently studying I and II Timothy, two letters written by the apostle Paul to Timothy, a young companion and pastor.  These letters are packed with practical advice about Christian living and doing ministry.  You will discover in this study the importance of right belief that leads to right behavior that are necessary for biblical leading and serving in the church.

Most members of our class have grown children and we share the position of being the “sandwich” generation. The teaching approach is lecture along with group discussion.



Trinity — Darla Wilson, Teacher
Room W107
We are using a series of studies on the topics of:

  • Abraham – he struggled to believe but he responded to God’s call to serve;
  • Stewardship in the Desert/Wealth and Poverty – can we trust God to meet our needs;
  • Prepare the Way – a series of studies for Advent and Christmas.

Our class is a mixed age group.