There are many enjoyable ways to get involved at FBC and great age-specific activities year-around. Find a way to connect and grow and First Baptist Church at Savoy.
  • Adult Ministries

    Get involved in any of our Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, Small Groups. There are lots of choices to find the best fit for you.

  • Youth Ministries

    Whether it is our regular Sunday event 24/7 Youth Ministries, a Sunday School Class geared specifically for our youth, or a camp for youth designed to help them grow in their faith, there are many options for middle school and high school youth at FBC.

  • Children & Families

    Not only are there specific activities for our youngest attenders, but we often will offer activities where families can be involved together. Take a look at the options available for children from infants and continuing through 6th grade.

  • Missions

    Maybe you are interested in becoming involved in a mission project, whether it is a local mission or an international opportunity.

  • Community

    As a service for you, we often will list community opportunities in our local central Illinois area in which you may want to participate.