Facility Use

FBC at SavoyFBC takes sharing our facility very seriously. We want to help you host your event with excellence. After we meet the needs of our own ministries, FBC welcomes other facility requests for events.

The facility is smoke-free. Use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited.

After completing the online request form, you will receive a confirmation email with attachments regarding the rules, regulations, and pricing.



1. Determine the type of event you are planning: Ministry Event, Wedding, or Other Event:

Ministry Events can be planned by FBC staff, boards and committees. They can be any event that is open to the congregation—concerts, retreats, seminars, classes. Or events not open to the entire congregation, such as parties or luncheons for Sunday School classes, committees, or other ministry groups. They also can be non-member ministry-related events (such as other churches, Christian home schools, Christian para-church organizations, and community service groups). These will be evaluated by our Ministerial Staff before approval.

Weddings for members and non-members. At this time, we are not available for receptions.

Other Events are those not related to faith-based ministries. Examples would be birthday parties, family gatherings, personal or organizational meetings. These can be planned by, or for, a FBC member. They also can be events planned by non-members. These other events will be evaluated by our Ministerial Staff before approval.

2. Are you a member or a non-member?

FBC MEMBERS are persons who have made a decision to be part of our church community and have been voted into membership by the Governing Board of Ministries.

Let’s Get Started…

What type of event are you planning?