Break the Ice-olation

Break the Ice-olation: Following the focus of our sermon series, Be the Church, we are encouraging you to engage with the people around you.


Break the Ice-olation


February 2017

Break the Ice-olation
A church-wide focus based on
the Sermon Series: Be the Church

What is Break the Ice-olation?

To begin the year, we’ve been exploring what it means to Be the Church. We are certain of at least one thing: the church is a community. God intends for us to live in fellowship with one another.

How to be involved?

We encourage you to continue to look for ways to show hospitality to one another. Invite others into your home for a meal, a snack, or games. Invite somebody out to a restaurant or to a ball game. Simply look for ways to show God’s love with others. Our upcoming sermons will help us learn how we can do that and also build one another up, pray for one another, serve one another, and love one another.

Be the Church Sermon Series

Each Sunday sermon is posted on our website so you can listen and download at your convenience: